The Pioneers

...”He was a pioneer, he could make wine where no one ever thought to do anything else but peaches and strawberries”... (A. Baricco)

The dark years of war, destruction, fear, were now definitely behind, therefore many business ventures, more or less large, more or less valid, were born in that period.

Giuseppe Ferrari, by wandering the spinning world, foresaw the necessity of a new transport and storage container for the yarn; it was different, new, alternative from the old, rough, deformable and permeable wood boxes, not shock resistant enough to mechanical stresses.

The project, design and form of the so called “cassone” was surely not easy to do: an injection moulded container was still unthinkable and not versatile because of the rigidity of its dimensions. A good starting point could be represented by the use of extrude profiles and pipes, even “large” structural pipes placed horizontally and “small” containing pipes placed vertically, in order to form a modular “grid” which was variable in dimensions.

Among many difficulties also due to the lack of suitable machinery and moulds, the first “PLASTIC BASKET” was born by using the “PVC” material, at those times available on the market.

The first impressions and evaluations of the potential customers were more than positive and encouraging, and so Giuseppe was driven to give a decisive impulse to the original project.

However an economical support was needed in order to face with serenity and the necessary calm the difficulties of the productive and commercial market which was emerging. Giuseppe realized he had to find a partner to play together this bet: a reliable, serious and helpful person, a friend with the same enthusiasm and determination to reach this goal.

And so, without fear or hesitation, Giuliano Bettoni gave Giuseppe all his trust, availability and support to start together this path.

The long-sightedness, constancy, perseverance, insistence of Giuseppe was rewarded when he got with big satisfaction the first order of “baskets” from an important cotton mill of the province; the river was now forded.

The Successors

......”Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”... (Arthur Godfrey)

If Conf Industries S.r.l. has today reached the representative changeover “numbers” from “small enterprise” to “medium enterprise”, the credit is mostly of the technical, commercial, administrative and manufacturing staff, but also of the business choices aimed at precise goals, which have been able to give during the years an evolutive and innovative impulse to the Company.

Our Company has always put its highest attention on two focal “topics”, which brought the enterprise to change radically its attitude on the market, although remaining in the field of logistics and internal transport:

  • production of items in Aluminium alloy:
    Light, clean and hygienically perfect material (for the new sector of the industrial laundry which was slowly finding space in the service field); it also offers to the textile market a right alternative to the plastic basket.
  • working on “job order”: study and realize specific items for the real need of the customer, even for few units, could be decisive.

It was not easy to project and produce trolleys in light alloy: firstly because it has always been difficult to work Aluminium; secondly because there were no other similar articles on the market to take as example; even harder was the organization of the production layout because it had to be ready to meet each kind of “customization” demand by the customers.

The ability of the structure, to shape according the different demands and the market evolution, allowed this Company to establish itself into the international market as a leading Company for movement and storage solutions; the management was so “obliged” to change the social denomination from Conf Plastic S.r.l. to Conf Industries S.r.l. in order to avoid that the attention of potential customers focused only on the production of plastic baskets instead of the thousands of other items in metallic material like Aluminium or Stainless steel, nowadays produced in the Company.