Codice Etico

...”We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children origin”... (Proverbio Masai)

Conf Industries and the environment

Conf Industries S.r.l. trusts an eco-sustainable future and a production system with a look towards the tomorrow: therefore most of our production is made in aluminium and stainless steel, which are 100% recyclable materials. Their reclaim and recycle allows a 95% saving of the energy which is required for its production, starting also from raw material.

Conf Industries and the Compan y ethics

In Conf Industries S.r.l. we believe that the Company should be led honestly, impartially, with respect for dignity and rights of people, by developing and selling products of quality, good reputation, efficiency, style and value.

Conf Industries and its support to the Community

In Conf Industries S.r.l. we believe that the support to the community where our workers live has an essential role, therefore we contribute to activate and realize projects of solidarity in our territory, we cooperate with voluntary associations, and we finance many projects related to education, environment, art, sport and health.

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